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Learn how to conduct a ‘Rec Check’, the importance of posture, how to correctly engage your core and pelvic floor, the importance of breathing & receive bespoke exercise homework in a follow-up email.

A new mummy? Let me come to you - I want to help make things easier.

 The Mummy M.V.I with Sarah Pearce

 3 months , 3 years or 30 years postpartum? Join Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, ’Your Pelvic Matters Instructor’ and ‘Diastasis Detective’, Sarah, for a Mummy M.V.I (c)
Learn about your Linea Alba & your Levator Ani - & why these are both important in this core-focussed 60 minutes dedicated to you.
- Discover what you need to know and become empowered with the up-to-date guidelines & research to make informed decisions during your individual postpartum recovery or perhaps your return to exercise.

- Leak when you laugh? Have abdominal separation that hasn’t healed? Find out how Sarah can help. This doesn’t have to be your normal. Let Sarah assess your whole body alignment, core function and provide you with a follow up email of exercises to re-align and re-store your core. It’s that thorough we will even be talking about your feet.

Ready  to run? Later postpartum? Have a bespoke running ‘readiness’ assessment/receive current advice on how to return to running safely & at the optimal time for your body. (This can only be done in person)

$65 for 60 min Mummy M.V.I Personal Training session in Fredericton Studio.

 $75 for 60 min Mummy M.V.I Personal Training session in the comfort of your own home. Because, doesn’t a new mum deserves something that helps their schedule and saves them some time? (City of Fredericton and Oromocto only, other locations may incur additional travelling surcharge)

 $55 for 60 min Online Mummy M.V.I. This appointment is conducted by webinar. Please note it is preferable to do this appointment in person but, if you are remote or for other reasons online is preferred  – this can be arranged. Please note you must be over 18 and resident in Canada for this service.

Sarah is very knowledgeable in postnatal fitness. I have learned so much already with her after having my second baby - the changes my body has gone through and how to work on my posture and alignment during my busy days to ultimately feel better and have a more functional core and body. Also, she has a very warm and welcoming personality and I always leave her sessions in an uplifted mood. I recommend her to any mom who wants to feel better and take control of her postnatal fitness!
— Postnatal PT Client, Aug 2019
1 PT session, that’s it. I know it sounds cliche but seriously. One session with Sarah using the “Your Pelvic Matters” technique Sarah teaches and I can finally lay on my side at night with no pain through my hips!!! It’s been over a year since my delivery and I’ve tried everything from Physio to acupuncture. Working with Sarah has been incredible! She has been so supportive and is an amazing coach. I’m so grateful to have found her but my only wish is that I had started with her sooner!
— Your Pelvic Matters PT Client, August 2019