@maxhealthfred would like to commend and thank Sarah Pearce of Postnatal Fitness for all of her hard work educating new moms on various topics such postnatal fitness and pelvic floor dysfunction. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has so much to offer so be sure to check her out at @strollerfiit !
— Max Health Fredericton, July 2019
I had 2 emergency c-sections and ended up with scar adhesion and diastasis recti. I saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist the second time and workout with a postnatal personal trainer, Sarah Pearce, who does stroller fit classes. It’s been night and day from my first postpartum recovery. Things are so much better now. I did all the wrong things the first time and definitely regretted it.
— Jaclyn, M. June 2019
My Daughter and I have been attending Sarah’s classes for the past year. She is incredibly knowledgeable and great at adapting her sessions to each person’s needs. Though I’m well past the newborn stage, I find her workouts stimulating and fun! It’s a great way to meet other mom’s as well. I would highly recommend her class to all new moms.
— Emily W, March 2019
Sarah’s background in health and fitness as well as her knowledge and training in pre and postnatal fitness makes her an expert in our community. I highly recommend following her advice, and consulting with her personally or in her group classes to safely increase your strength and CV fitness post baby.
— Marie B, August 2018
I love this class! Sarah is an amazing instructor I recommend this to other Mother’s. I want to thank you for the amazing 2 sessions with you- you showed me so much.
— Nikky S, 2018

My little guy and I have been attending since May and it’s such a wonderful class. Sarah is amazing and believe it or not, we actually have fun while exercising. It’s a great place to recover your self-confidence after having a baby and to meet some amazing people.
— Jessie D, 2017

I am so happy to have joined Stroller fitness class. It’s helped to ease back into an exercise routine after having a baby, build my confidence and meet new friends! Sarah is an amazing instructor, so knowledgeable about postpartum fitness, she tailors the classes to meet everyone’s abilities, plays great music, and keeps you motivated. The classes are so fun you don’t realize you are exercising! I can’t wait for the next class
— Andrea H, 2017

‘I love the Stroller-Fiit class and highly recommend it. Wonderful atmosphere to exercise in and Sarah is a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor. It is a great group for moms and babies, I can’t wait for the next session!
— Tracey J, Oromocto, NB

Stroller Fiit is an awesome class! It was a fantastic workout, geared to each mom’s fitness level so we got maximum individual benefits. Sarah is an inspiring and positive fitness instructor who made the classes challenging and fun! Stroller Fiit was an outing that I looked forward to twice a week and provided an accepting environment of likeminded individuals. I found the class an excellent way to start getting back into shape and a great way to make new mom friends!
— Ange U, July 2017