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MUTU System Ambassador. 

Sarah is delighted to be an Ambassador for the MUTU System. MUTU is an online program used by over 50,000 Mamas around the world to restore postpartum bodies - improving abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms. Sarah sometimes recommends the programs to her clients if she feels they may benefit from the convenience of the online program. It is useful for support clients (busy moms) outside of class or personal training sessions. The program consist of 12 modules and holistic information/downloads that support the journey. Professionally, Sarah has been impressed about how the MUTU system both aligns with, and supports , her own specialist postnatal training and approach.


This is not a sponsored review. I purchased the MUTU System program with my own money and have not been compensated for this post. I highly recommend this program and because I am impressed with it and the content and I became an affiliate in order to better support my clients with a safe pp. online program. This means that if you purchase this product from my links I will earn a small commission - you, my client, will pay no more than you would elsewhere.