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exercise DURING and after pregnancy:

When you're feeling tired, being active may seem like the last thing you need. But regular activity can relax you, keep you fit and help you feel more energetic. It can also help your body recover after childbirth and may help prevent postnatal depression. (Source: ) Exercise classes are also a great way of meeting new friends! Pregnancy, however, is not the time to start a new exercise program or aim for a personal best and you must listen to your body. Always get your healthcare providers permission before exercising during pregnancy.

Before Returning to Exercise:

- Wait until you have had a satisfactory postnatal check-up at 6 weeks. If you had a caesarean delivery it is advisable to wait at least 8-10 weeks. 

- Do not begin exercise If your abdominal muscle separation is more than two fingers – your GP, midwife or postnatal exercise professional can help you check. (Check out my blog to find a useful article on the ‘Rec Check’)

Seek Help: If your abdominal muscle separation is more than two fingers or you are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. If you experience any discomfort or pain - stop - and seek advice. (Guild of Pre & Postnatal Exercise Instructors)

  • Did you know that running puts 3 times your body weight through your pelvic floor?

  • Did you know that 66% of women with abdominal separation also suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction?

  • Did you know that Pelvic Organ Prolapse affects more than half of all women?

And, It is recommended that you do not run with infants (even in specific, shock-absorbing jogging strollers) until they 6-8 months in age owing to their lack of neck-strength. Current research also indicates that is advisable not to return to high-impact exercise until 6 months post-birth, irrespective of delivery type. This is to allow the body to realign and strengthen. Every mother is different as was their pregnancy, delivery and pregnancy exercise program. It is also recommended that all strollers have a wrist safety strap fitted if not provided by the manufacturer.

FOr More information on exercising safely BEFORE & AFTER BIRTH:

For useful information on exercise during pregnancy and after birth please visit the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors:

Personal training for your pelvic floor

Useful article on Prolapse - including video on pelvic floor and core exercises from Belly Bootcamp

Fit and Safe: Exercise advice for Mothers to be

Fit for Pregnancy 

Core & Floor Videos

Check out my blog for more interesting Mom-topics including: Abdominal Separation, Nutrition and Pelvic Health


Disclaimer: This website is designed to be informative and useful as a resource to new and expectant mothers. You are always advised to seek professional medical guidance before embarking on an exercise program or if you have any concerns about your health.

Elm City Babies Expo 2018

Elm City Babies Expo 2018

Sarah Speaks….

Want Sarah to come to your organisation or group and share her passion and knowledge on pregnancy or postnatal fitness? Reach Out. Sarah has been guest speaker at several postnatal support groups - most recently including Enchanted Woods (May 2019) and the FFRRC (March 2019). Sarah was also a guest speaker at the 2018 Elm City Babies Expo in August 2018.

Upcoming talks: Sarah is also speaking @Sequoia Talks on Oct 3, Life with Baby at the FFRC, Oct 10 and MFRC Oromocto, Nov 5.


Me: & MY (NO-MAKE UP!) Thoughts on Postnatal Fitness

Local Fredericton Pre & Postnatal Health & Wellness Specialists:

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga with Jenny Rolls . Jenny offers Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga in an online community. Not to be missed! We LOVE Jenny’s classes. There are new classes also starting at Grow Yoga this fall.

Grounded Health - meet the fabulous Kristin Brown Registered Dietitian and discover support for women who want to optimise their health, improve their fertility and grow healthy babies. Clients of @ StrollerFiit receive an incredible 15% discount on Kristin’s services. I recommend following Kristin on instagram - so many fabulous, family-focussed, wellness articles and knowledge. Kristin is also an incredible twin mom and is also super lovely to spend time with!

Kristin also offers incredible online training courses - for Pregnant and Postnatal clients. Check out the link here:

Chiropractor - Chiro For Moms - East Coast Chiropractic . Dr Marie and Dr Graham have a passion (I mean PASSION!) for supporting the health of the Fredericton Community. For support during and after pregnancy Dr Marie has experience and training in supporting pregnant and postpartum women. Make sure you are following their facebook page for useful and informative VLOGs and BLOGS.

Sequoia Fredericton - um, my favourite Freddy store. Visit this incredible store in downtown Fredericton for a vast selection of natural, organic and safe products for mom and baby. Did you know Sequoia also hosts a summer series of informative talks, host workshops and has an incredible pre/postnatal qualified Registered Massage Therapist, Danielle, too? Chelsey, the owner is also a busy working mom. You will get a warm welcome! (My PT clients also get a free delicious smoothie here!)

Enchanted Woods Playcafe - Support / Play Groups - join the lovely ‘momtrepreneur’ owner, Emily, and her vibrant team for baby-safe coffee dates, support groups and it’s where we finish our Stroller Strong classes during the summer months! We also have our Summer Studio here. We love the play cafe.

Women’s Pelvic Health - Lynn Sweeney- Lynn is our local expert on postnatal pelvic health. I recommend all clients see a Pelvic Health Specialist as a matter of routine post baby. Did you know you can often claim on your health insurance? Lynn also works with a fabulous team (Kristen and Caroline) at Max Health Prospect. Protect your pelvic future - get a check! Ps. Problems ‘down there’ are common, not normal…..

Join the FREE 30 Day Pelvic Floor Challenge -Click Here!

Join the FREE 30 Day Pelvic Floor Challenge -Click Here!


Thank you to MUTU for the fabulous Infographics. Want to know more about the MUTU System? Find out more here.

This page is designed to be informative and is no way intended to replace the professional guidance of your GP, OB, GYN or Midwife. If you have any concerns about your health seek medical advice soonest and it is imperative that you speak to your healthcare provider before beginning exercise during pregnancy or on returning to exercise postpartum.