Client Waivers and Health Screening:

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Informed Consent: Your safety is important and it is for this reason we ask clients to provide us with relevant personal information by completing a health screening/questionnaire so that we can check your suitability for our exercise classes/personal training programs. We believe this is privileged information and treat it as confidential to the best of our ability. Should you have any questions as to why we collect health information and our process please speak to Sarah here.

As a reminder you MUST be at least 6 weeks pp. and approved as fit to exercise by your GP/OB/MW. At least 8-10 weeks pp. for a c-section. New @StrollerFiit clients (or if something has changed/or it is over 12 months old) will need a waiver/screening printed out and completed for inspection by the instructor at your first class. Pregnant clients must have GP/Midwife/OB approval and also complete the ePAR med-x.

I recommend all new mothers have a pelvic health check post birth and would recommend you conduct the  “Rec Check’ before coming to class.  Please take a look at my blog post on this:

If you are new to class or pregnant you are encouraged to ALSO complete the online PAR-Q before registering to assess your suitability for exercise:

Sarah’s 2019 Waiver/Health Screening Form Link

Please note: it is recommended that you do not run with infants (even in specific, shock-absorbing jogging strollers) until around 8 months due to their lack of neck-strength. Current research also indicates that it is advisable not to return to high-impact exercise until 6 months post-birth, irrespective of delivery type. It is recommended that all strollers have a wrist safety strap fitted, if not provided by the manufacturer. Stroller Strong class is usually based outside in Odell when the weather is good and a stroller with large wheels and suspension is recommended. I also recommend a bug net for the stroller for your stroller in the summer months.

Sarah is a current member of the UK Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors. For guidelines on exercising safely as a new mum please visit their website.

Your privacy matters:   We will treat Client’s personal information as privileged and confidential to the best of our ability. By engaging our professional services Clients are acknowledging their informed consent to provide us with the relevant personal information that they wish us to hold in order for us to complete tasks as required by them and in order for us to work alongside them efficiently - including for their safety when partaking in exercise classes and programs (so as we can assess their suitability). For more information please see the privacy statement on this website.

Photographs: Picture consent: I like a selfie (!) and sometimes post pictures of classes on my site/social media. I avoid pictures showing children’s faces.  Please let me know if you do not wish to be in any pictures.


@maxhealthfred would like to commend and thank Sarah Pearce of Postnatal Fitness for all of her hard work educating new moms on various topics such postnatal fitness and pelvic floor dysfunction. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has so much to offer so be sure to check her out at @strollerfiit