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Winter 2018 Stroller-Fiit Course Oromocto: Final Class

Winter 2018 Stroller-Fiit Course Oromocto: Final Class

Stroller Strong Walking Group June 2018

Stroller Strong Walking Group June 2018


Class: Postpartum Core Restore

What: Learn to breathe, release and engage!
Growing a baby (& modern life) all effect the way we are aligned- and our pelvic floor and core. Learn about your Linea Alba and your Levator Ani and the difference between sucking in and engaging, in this progressive evening class series.

Where: The class will be held indoors at the Summer Studio at Enchanted Woods Play Cafe, Prospect St, in the air-con and away from the bugs. This class is designed for moms <12months postpartum and no little ones in this class please.

When: Aug 7, 14, 21 and 28, 7-8pm

Cost: $47.50 for series (If spaces available: $15 drop in)


Current Programs & PT:

Get Stroller Strong this Summer! The class will include a warm up, walk, postnatal safe exercises including work on our core and posture, finishing with a cool down/gentle stretch. The class is first thing to try and avoid the heat of the day for both mom and baby. I recommend an outdoor stroller with a wrist safety strap, brake and also a bug net for summer months.

Stroller Strong Summer Pass: UNLIMITED access to all Tuesday and Thursday pop-up Stroller Strong classes during August and September.

What:  Stroller Strong is a low-impact postnatal exercise/walking class designed by Sarah to be safe for moms from 6 weeks pp. and generally aimed at <6mths postpartum. Although ALL moms are welcome if little one is willing to stay safely in their stroller! 

Where: We meet at Enchanted Woods and enjoy our time outside in Odell if the weather is good. We meet a little earlier in the summer to beat the heat! If the weather is poor we meet at Grant Harvey Centre.

When: Various Tues and Thurs during August and September: 9am-10am starting Aug 1st. (Aug Dates: Thurs 1, Tues 6, Tues 13, Thurs 15 Aug, Tues 20th*, Thurs 22) September dates will be emailed to pass holders in August. I currently have 10 classes scheduled over Aug/Sep and there may be more pop-ups you can come to so if you come to most of the classes you will be getting a fabulous summer sale price!

* Tuesday 20th will be ‘Stroller Splash' pop-up (splash pad for little ones after and fun activities), in conjunction with our friends at Enchanted Woods play cafe at Wilmot Park - normal class times.

An outdoor stroller with large inflated wheels, suspension/brake, wrist safety strap and bug net are recommended for this class.

Cost: $65 per All-Summer Pass ( or Drop In $12 per class)

Want to register? Message Sarah with your email and pass choice here.



Perinatal Whole Body Workshops

Workshop Series: Whole Body Pregnancy Workshop with Jenny & Sarah: The Mini Series SOLD OUT

Where: Upstairs at Enchanted Woods, Prospect Street, Fredericton


Wholebody: Postnatal Edition on Saturday, February 9 - SOLD OUT   At Grow Yoga, in collaboration with Jenny Rolls Yoga Mama supported by Sequoia Fredericton

Wholebody: Postnatal Edition on Saturday, February 9 - SOLD OUT

At Grow Yoga, in collaboration with Jenny Rolls Yoga Mama supported by Sequoia Fredericton

Specialist Personal Training


One-on-one personal training will be delivered in a private venue or in a public space, at a time that suits your family. Depending on your package, you will be provided with a postnatal-safe bespoke program and the focus is on healthy recovery using body weight and resistance training, whilst maximising your time in short and effective workouts all designed for busy mothers. Specific Postnatal Core 1:1 sessions are also offered.

Sarah is currently not doing in-home visits and will provide PT from Enchanted Woods, on Prospect St.

Please note that Sarah only works with a specific number of Postnatal PT clients at one time. A waiting list to work with Sarah on a one-on-one basis is currently open.

2019 Pregnancy and Postnatal PT Pricing:

Get strong and aligned before you add impact…..

‘It’s Summer’ PT Multiple Booking Offer:

3 x PT Sessions (60 min) $165

6 x PT Sessions (60 min) - $315 (This incredible offer is including specialist PT)

$60 for 60 min Postnatal Core Reset Personal Training session. Learn how to conduct a ‘Rec Check’, the importance of posture, how to correctly engage your core and pelvic floor, the importance of breathing & receive bespoke exercise homework in a follow-up email.

$60 for 60 min Personal Training session (Fredericton Southside & Oromocto*). (Including bespoke exercise follow-up email)

$125 for 60 min postnatal personal training session (Fredericton Southside & Oromocto*) or Postnatal Core 1:1 session. Including personalised program and follow up email.

$175 for 3 x 60 min personal training sessions. (Paid in advance)

(Cancellation within 24 hours of a booked 1:1 PT session will incur a 25% charge. Cancellation of a PT session within 2 hours is non-refundable. Extreme circumstances are fully refundable at the trainer’s discretion)

20% discount on all Enchanted Woods cafe food/beverage purchases included

Free Smoothie at Sequoia Fredericton

Current Client Discount: Current clients of Sarah will get a 10% discount when they sign up for PT or off their second program. PT Clients receive 10% off Sarah’s drop-in classes/class passes.

*In home sessions are not normally offered

Clients of Grounded Health will receive a 15% discount on my programs.

Specialist Postnatal Personal Training for Women with Abdominal Separation or Pelvic Dysfunction.

Following Claire Mockridge’s holistic programs Sarah works with women to empower them with more knowledge and provide a different approach towards, hopefully, improving their symptoms. These programs embrace a very different approach involving lifestyle changes and homework (as well as what we learn during sessions) therefore private PT sessions with Sarah are either monthly or bi-monthly. There are no un-realistic and promised quick fixes, therefore after an initial conversation/meeting Sarah works with her clients over a 6 month timeframe.

The BREATHE Principle™ is a 7 Step Program for fixing diastasis recti. This is a NEW full-body approach to fixing abdominal separation. We’re going north of the navel and south of the pubis here! In fact, as a Diastasis Detective I'll be helping clients in… Solving the Mystery Of Fixing Abdominal Separation!

Your Pelvic Matters™ is a step-by-step exercise and educational approach to Fixing pelvic floor problems. This is a NEW full-body approach to women’s health, function and fertility. Gone are the days when we should solely focus on the pelvic muscles in an effort to heal, nurture and fix dysfunction. We’re going north of the navel and south of the pubis here! And, we’re educating you to help you understand why things aren’t functioning optimally.

A course of 5 x 60 minute Your Pelvic Matters or Diastasis Detective Personal Training Sessions with Sarah is $350 (or $75 per/hour) You will be offered a FREE 30 minute consultation with Sarah, to discuss your concerns and aims, and suitability for PT. (A waiver will be required for this appointment)

Pregnancy Exercise
Photo Credit: Madison Massey Photography

Photo Credit: Madison Massey Photography

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Next Community Talk: September 6 Sequoia Fredericton

Next Community Talk: September 6 Sequoia Fredericton

Working out with baby!

Working out with baby!


A full health screening is required for all Sarah’s clients. Click here for more details.

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