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A useful & recent article that a friend (& fabulous mom of 3!) passed to me this morning. 

To quote the wonderful Naomi (sorry 😉) the ‘message is getting out there’. I am not normally a Daily Mail fan- but this article is informative and ‘on message’ with my guidance to my postnatal clients about waiting to resume high-impact activity. 

The pressure of fast, unrealistic, postpartum weight loss (courtesy of celebrity culture) is unfair on new, busy & tired mommas. I cannot wait to read more about ‘Pelvic Roar’ - I would LOVE to see more collaboration between healthcare professionals, and the fitness industry to get this message out consistently to expectant and new moms.

Of course exercise is wonderful for both mom & baby when done correctly. But, remember, there is no rush, take it slowly, listen to your body & when you return to exercise chose the correct and safe exercises-ideally under the supervision or guidance of a postnatal specialist. (If you are in the U.K check out The Guild of Pre & Postnatal Exercise Instructors to find someone qualified near you-I’m a member) Oh-and sometimes-a nap is just the right choice! 

Most importantly, enjoy your family & enjoy motherhood. 😊

Read it here:

Daily Mail UK- New-mothers-wait-SIX-MONTHS-jogging-doing-strenuous-exercise- 4 Aug 2018



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